1) Use a different form of payment other than Credit/Debit Cards. The price listed is for Credit/Debit card payment. Credit card processing fees are enormous!

a. We discount five cents if you use a check.

b. We discount ten cents if you use cash

c. Senior, Veteran/Military, First Responder, Teacher and Metro North worker discounts still apply.

d. Refer a friend. You will get $25.00 off your next delivery. Your friend gets $10 off NOW. They must remember to tell us that they were referred by you.

e. Write a Facebook or Google review. We give $10 for a review. Good for one review per calendar year.

2) Please remember that our minimum delivery is 125 gallons. If your delivery goes under 100 gallons, we will have to surcharge you a $25.00 delivery fee. We don’t want to do this but we must make the most efficient usage of our trucks and drivers time.

The Paradox of 100 Gallons

You may see in the FAQ’s on our webpage that our minimum order is 150 gallons.  I am frequently asked if we can deliver 100 gallon orders?  YES, and NO are the answers. Yes, we can and do deliver 100 gallon orders.  We deliver them WHEN we are in the given area.    We cannot make an emergency delivery or special trip for the 100 gallons. We cannot go “off route” more than a mile or two to deliver 100 gallons. We also cannot discount the delivery of 100 gallons.  As it stands now, we do not charge a higher price, but we also cannot discount the delivery.  All our coupons and special offers state “150-gallon minimum”. In order to keep our prices low, we have to deliver in quantities that make sense for us to deliver and help us make a profit. We want to be the lowest priced COD oil delivery company.  We strive to be Friendly, Honest and Professional.  If you have any questions about our deliveries or pricing, please call me at: (845) 350-2014 - Just Oil - It's Just That EASY


Today, most of us in the Harlem Valley woke up to a gentle trickle of snowflakes. Nothing is accumulating beyond the dusting on the grass, but it serves to remind us that WINTER IS COMING.

What can you do? Make sure that your driveway is clear; shoveled or plowed completely. Make sure it is clear WIDE enough. Just because you can fit your SUV down it doesn’t mean that it is wide enough for a fuel truck. Also, be sure that it is free of ICE. Sand if necessary.

Trees are another concern in the winter. Those lovely “gentle” branches in the summer become icy puncture hazards in the winter. Tree branches that looked acceptably high enough in the summer become weighted and lower in the winter and can easily break a windshield or do damage to our fuel tank.

When you schedule a delivery of fuel oil it is important to remember that the oil truck driver is the captain of his ship. If he looks at your driveway and decides that he cannot safely navigate it, he won’t make the delivery. It’s that simple. He has every right to refuse. He is carrying up to 3000 gallons of heating oil which can quickly become a major hazard and he won’t take that risk.

Nobody likes to refuse a delivery, but in the end the safety of both the truck, crew, and environment are more important than any one delivery. Let’s work together to make this winter delivery season safe.

To Your Warmth,



It’s 10PM and you go down to your basement. You suddenly notice that the gauge on your tank is low, below a half, maybe even near a quarter tank. What do you do? YOU GO ONLINE and order oil from

All you have to do is go to the website: You notice that on the home page there is the current oil price right there to see. Then you hit the fourth tab on the top of the page. It says “ORDER NOW”

Here’s the catch. You have to put in a gallon amount of 150 gallons or more. If you don’t know how much to put in or you want a fill, just enter the 150 gallons for now. Complete all the remaining information, the basics, Name, Address, Phone and Email. The last question is where your tank is located according to the diagram. If you don’t know, just put in “1”.

What happens next? I contact you to get the payment information and also to complete the order. I will contact you during our regular business hours of 8AM to 9PM. If there is a time that you prefer, please put it in the comments section.

I’ll get a better description of your house and where you are located. I might be able to offer you an additional discount if you are a senior (age 55+) or an active duty military or retired veteran. After we have the payment information (credit card info), we can firm up the schedule of your delivery.

At Just Oil we are Friendly, Professional and Honest. We deliver Value to our customers and we are committed to our local communities. Call us or order online. Either way, it IS Just That Easy.


Perhaps the most detestable word to some people. They see NO as a negative. To us at Just Oil, NO is a good thing! It’s the way we can offer the lowest prices on fuel oil.

NO contracts. We don’t have pre-buy and we don’t have cap price plans. We don’t have service contracts. We don’t offer credit plans and budget plans. We don’t have automatic deliveries; you will never be surprised by a delivery that you didn’t order.

What we do offer is the lowest prices on fuel oil on a COD basis. You call and we bring what you want, just the number of gallons that you order; no pressure to fill up when all you want is 150 gallons. You pay with a credit card or cash and we save by not having to set up a billing system and all the invoices and mailings that entails.

We offer the convenience of using a credit card so you don’t have to wait for our truck. We run the card after we make the delivery and we can even email you the receipt.

As we like to say…. IT’S JUST THAT EASY!