Perhaps the most detestable word to some people. They see NO as a negative. To us at Just Oil, NO is a good thing! It’s the way we can offer the lowest prices on fuel oil.

NO contracts. We don’t have pre-buy and we don’t have cap price plans. We don’t have service contracts. We don’t offer credit plans and budget plans. We don’t have automatic deliveries; you will never be surprised by a delivery that you didn’t order.

What we do offer is the lowest prices on fuel oil on a COD basis. You call and we bring what you want, just the number of gallons that you order; no pressure to fill up when all you want is 150 gallons. You pay with a credit card or cash and we save by not having to set up a billing system and all the invoices and mailings that entails.

We offer the convenience of using a credit card so you don’t have to wait for our truck. We run the card after we make the delivery and we can even email you the receipt.

As we like to say…. IT’S JUST THAT EASY!