The Paradox of 100 Gallons

You may see in the FAQ’s on our webpage that our minimum order is 150 gallons.  I am frequently asked if we can deliver 100 gallon orders?  YES, and NO are the answers. Yes, we can and do deliver 100 gallon orders.  We deliver them WHEN we are in the given area.    We cannot make an emergency delivery or special trip for the 100 gallons. We cannot go “off route” more than a mile or two to deliver 100 gallons. We also cannot discount the delivery of 100 gallons.  As it stands now, we do not charge a higher price, but we also cannot discount the delivery.  All our coupons and special offers state “150-gallon minimum”. In order to keep our prices low, we have to deliver in quantities that make sense for us to deliver and help us make a profit. We want to be the lowest priced COD oil delivery company.  We strive to be Friendly, Honest and Professional.  If you have any questions about our deliveries or pricing, please call me at: (845) 350-2014 - Just Oil - It's Just That EASY